Our purpose:

To match the good intentions a company has for its customers with the experience people actually get



Do you know what it really feels like to be a customer of your company?

It's tricky because any insider’s perspective is coloured by their knowledge of the rational and profit conscious factors that combine to make the experience what it is.

But your customers don’t care about any of that. They judge the value in your brand, product and service by how it makes them feel.

Whether it stirs their soul.

This divide risks becoming more pronounced as we move through the gears of digital transformation because companies are increasingly relying on machines to engage with customers.

The companies that win out will be the ones who are able to use their change as a move closer to the people – a step towards the ‘feeling’ not just the ‘function’ in that experience.

In doing so they are making good on the purpose they were originally hired for and what, deep down, customers really want from them.