I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
— Maya Angelou
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And it's a good thing.

With humanity at the heart of the race of technology and data we will bridge the yawning gap between the good intentions companies have for their customers and the real experiences people get.

The businesses doing that are resetting benchmarks. By combining data, technology and emotional insight they have rearranged the value equation of their categories and consumers are responding, drawn to new offerings and asking questions of the brands they have trusted for years.

Whether it’s Tesla in Energy, Google in Healthcare, Waze in Navigation, or Spotify in Entertainment, what is differentiating about these businesses is their ambition to leap beyond the green fees of ‘simple, accessible and easy to use’. They deliver in an emotional space that stirs the soul where people feel value beyond price.



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What we do:

People & the Machine is where customer experience meets brand promise.

We help companies drive growth in acquisition, in retention, in C-Sat and NPS scores by changing the way brands engage with customers in the real world. Through experiences built on empathy, data and technology we can shape what people feel, value and want to talk about. It's a business's best weapon in a world of stretched budgets, price warfare, social change and unruly competitors.

Our team and collaborative approach will help you reimagine your value proposition to create the deeper emotional resonance that drives behaviour and brand choices.



How we do it:

connect brand purpose through to Brand experience

Insights for an emotional customer

Always start with the truth. We go deep to understand exactly what people feel about the experience and find fresh insights that take you to new places.


Redefine your Customer Value Proposition

What people wanted and needed in the past is not the same today yet many CVPs haven't changed in 20+ years. We can help you define and future proof your relevance through a value proposition which moves today's customer.

A direction that people want to be part of

Look for a strategy that makes customers, staff and stakeholders gasp and lean in. We are ambitious for brands & how they can blend the EQ of insight with the IQ of technology so the brand experience matches the promise.

A blue print for omni-channel delivery

There are many moving parts in the chain required to deliver a cohesive and distinctive experience. Empower the whole team by turning the agreed strategy into a blueprint for internal & external partners to build on and into the brand feeling.





How we add value to the broader team


1. Stretch your thinking beyond category borders

You will undoubtedly know your business backwards, we are here to offer something different: Inspiration and ideas from culture, customers, other categories and businesses that create disruptive and fresh opportunities for you.


A holistic view of the narrative at each stage.

Great brand experience happens when there is a thread of steel running from the brand purpose through to customer. Unfortunately as that idea moves through the layers it can become diluted, rationalised away in a thousand small cuts. Our strategic blueprint holds it strong and true through the twists and turns of a customer's journey.


An organising strategy

There are many intersecting ideas, components and capabilities that together deliver the overall experience. Our collaborative approach and organising strategic framework gives everyone in the chain a clear focus and shape to what we are building, helping everyone deliver for the customer.





working with us

Just when they need to speed up businesses are being slowed down ingesting and integrating complicated data solutions, digital platforms, policy changes, and the rest. And through the compromise of it all the resulting customer experience tends to tick the 'functional' box but not the 'memorable' one.

That's not the behaviour of a distinctive brand and a missed opportunity for all the investment in transformation.

We will design the emotional customer journey, setting ambitious but achievable goals that deliver the 'x factor' to a customer.

Our experience and approach allows us to do this holistically, collaboratively and impartially because our business model doesn't depend on our implementing a platform or campaign. We aren't developing an experience with a preconceived view of how to deliver it, just what works for real people.

The result is a leap forwards in the engagement between customer and brand and a road map to help everybody get there faster.